Urge Overkill, Woman Soon

Missing someone

I thought of you and how you love this beauty,
And walking up the long beach all alone
I heard the waves breaking in measured thunder
As you and I once heard their monotone.
Around me were the echoing dunes, beyond me
The cold and sparkling silver of the sea

We two will pass through death and ages lengthen
Before you hear that sound again with me.
Sara Teasdale, "I thought of you"

More questions than answers

Wednesday Addams

Good night!

Meet me at midnight

Hi. Let's talk..

"Ignoring People for Phones Is the New Normal" from this Atlantic article is interesting.  Ugh!
Normalizing rudeness?
As an aside, although convenient at times, texting or messaging others really limits your ability to have a contextual conversation.  You're missing all the body language, tone of voice (especially sarcasm), and other nonverbal cues.  Emojis help, but only so much.  I like to call friends out of the blue and invariably once a conversation starts, it is difficult to get them off the phone!  What's next, talking in person more often? 

Not a problem

A musical aubade

"And there, leaning against a moss-grown crumbling tree, was a spirit-like being out of another world. - The Dreamer of Dreams by Marie, Queen of Roumania.
Additional info:
Edmund Dulac (1882-1953) illustration showing Eric's encounter with a beautiful maiden in the forest playing an old violin in a patch of harebells. From the story ‘The Dreamer of Dreams’ by Elisabeth of Wied (1843-1916), Queen consort of Romania as the wife of King Carol I of Romania, the Queen of Romania. 
Another source:  Dreamer of Dreams is the second of two books written by the much-loved Queen Marie of Romania that Edmund Dulac illustrated. Marie was the daughter of Prince Alfred, the second son of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

Also, a link for a poem titled "A Late Aubade" by Richard Wilbur in this blog.

Rose tinted

I sometimes think that never blows so red
The Rose as where some buried Caesar bled;
That every Hyacinth the Garden wears
Dropt in her Lap from some once lovely Head.
Omar Khayyam, Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
OPTIMISM by Laura Graves the-optimist-rose-tinted-glasses-prints

Religious dying flowers

Walter Crane - flowers for you in May

Margueritte (Daisy) and Lily (of the Valley)

Poppies and Tulips

I get knocked down...

Let us have wine and woman, mirth and laughter,

Sermons and soda water the day after.
Man, being reasonable, must get drunk;
The best of life is but intoxication:
Glory, the grape, love, gold, in these are sunk
The hopes of all men, and of every nation;
Without their sap, how branchless were the trunk
Of life's strange tree, so fruitful on occasion:
But to return--Get very drunk; and when
You wake with head-ache, you shall see what then.
George Gordon Byron, Don Juan

Vintage lake outing with the girls

Love the lotus flowers!

Summer memories

That beautiful season
* * * the Summer of All-Saints!
Filled was the air with a dreamy and magical light;
and the landscape
Lay as if new created in all the freshness of childhood.
excerpt, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Evangeline: A Tale of Acadie

Babies everywhere outside!

Type A and type B people

Japanese cat and spider

"Reclaiming the sacred in our lives

naturally brings us close once more to the wellsprings of poetry."
Robert Bly
Koukei Kojima

Belief in ourselves

Aquarium- Rainforest Inspired (fr. Tree Roots Aquascape)

Waiting is painful

Skeleton Flower (petals turn clear as glass when wet)

The Diphylleia Grayi is a wonderfully unique flower whose petals turn clear as glass when it’s splattered with raindrops. Commonly referred to as the skeleton flower, it hails from the moist wooded mountainsides in the colder regions of China and Japan. The flowers come out in late spring, with large, fuzzy green, umbrella-like foliage topped with small clusters of pretty white petals. And when it rains, they’re such a wonderful sight to behold.
Via SpookyAlfie
How the flowers look when dry.