Life knows what it's doing, and is ready to teach us

For at its core life knows everything that it needs to sustain itself; it knows how to evolve and how to recreate itself anew, and because it is a continual response to the divine moment, it knows precisely what is needed in each moment. It knows where our attention is needed, and how to direct it in the most beneficial way. It knows exactly what is required to bring our afflicted planet back into balance, to heal the Earth and the soul of humanity that has so painfully lost its way.
And as it reawakens, this information will once again become available to us. Life is ready to teach us. Through this inner dialogue the intelligence within life can directly communicate with our intelligence and it will show us what we need to know.

Excerpt From: Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee. 
“Darkening of the Light.”

Vladimir Kush