"The pleasure of flowers has captured me this week."

I thought I would be writing about seeds this week in a progression of soil to seed to flower, but the pleasure of flowers has captured me. So in honor of spontaneity and the beauty of a winding path, here is to flowers and all they teach us about relationship, time, and inheritance...

Solitude itself is sweet and I am grateful for these hours and days alone writing. I am equally grateful for the new friends I've found here and the dear old friend who invited me. To be within reach of her, planning lunch dates and walks, is a comfort like home.

I am not the type of friend I admire who remembers birthdays and sends gifts and cards regularly. I am the type of friend who is always there with surprise and delight when called. I am grateful to be blessed with friends who have the patience of years, equivalent to lifetimes passed without hearing from me.

My neglect of those dearest is not because I do not care, it is because my heart is consumed with the suffering of the world and my mind is steeped in questions like, What does it mean to inherit the earth?

This attention to the whole world is a care that is possible to hold though the seeking it invites is all-consuming. This attention has led to an intimacy with flowers, an intimacy that is, for me, the answer to this question of greatest inheritance.