Personality traits you need to run from!

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What are the really small things that tell a lot about a person's psychology and personality?
Linda Burlison, Author, search engine geek, Internet strategist, marketeer

There are a number of small behaviours that, when observed together, can help us identify the most dangerous people in our midst. The following is a list of red flags that point toward people with personality disorders such as Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) and psychopathy.

People with Personality Disorders (PDs) are more common than you think - you probably know at least few without realizing it - and they are important to be able to identify because of the destruction and damage they leave behind.

Not all flags are seen in all people with PDs, but if you know someone with several of these flags, be very careful around them… in fact… avoid them if you possibly can.

Remorseless - does not show remorse in the way ‘normal’ people do when they make a mistake or hurt you

Empathy - don’t feel or show empathy as you might expect. Watch their reactions to other people (or animals) suffering

Can’t apologize - almost a complete inability to apologize. Or if they do apologize they will point a finger back at someone else as part of the ‘cause’.

Overvalue-Devalue-Discard - this is the pattern of abuse they follow in relationships. They put someone on a pedestal and show them off, ‘love-bomb’, and worship; then they start to devalue that person - which can be a subtle series of behaviours, such as small put-downs, corrections, annoyance; then they discard the person completely, walking away with no remorse, enjoying the pain they inflict on the individual they have discarded

Grandiosity - the overvalue themselves, think they are ‘special’, ‘unique’, smarter or better than others. They are often very hypocritical. They have a need to feel better than others and for this ‘superiority’ to be seen by others. Watch out for people who put down others.

Few if any Deep Relationships - relationships are superficial; people with good radar often take a distinct dislike to them; they have very few deep and true relationships.

Odd Bad Behaviour - hurtful, rude, strange, obnoxious, surprising behaviour that you find it difficult to explain away; that seems at odds with the personality that they usually wear around you. The feeling of ‘cognitive dissonance’ (when you see/hear one thing that seems completely contradictory to what you would expect) is a feeling people often get around these people.

Materialism - people whose self-esteems depends a great deal (perhaps fully) on how they are perceived by others. This results in materialism sometimes - needing to have the better car, better clothes, better house, better whatever, so they can appear in a certain way to others.

Parasitic behaviour - will take as much from others (money, things, a place to live, a car to drive, etc etc) as they can. Often have no money or assets of their own.

Relationships with the Opposite Sex - as soon as one ends they are on to the next (or continue to cause pain to the one they are discarding until they find a new source of supply.

There are many many more specific behaviours that are very characteristic of these dangerous people. I recommend searching for ‘Red Flags of Narcissistic Personality Disorder’ (or ‘Psychopaths’, or another personality disorder term). Educate yourself so that you can identify and avoid these people. Once you know what to look for they are not difficult to spot….