Life in Medieval times

If you have grandparents or relatives who own a farm, visit them. See how time seems to slow down to the pace of animal care, weather patterns, and seasons. The only real divisions in the day come from the clock in the village church ringing every four hours or so to indicate different prayers.
Charley Harper  Golden book of biology Evolution.

Daily life is farm chores, meals, infant care, church, visitors and gossip, bedtime, sex, and once in a while a village festival, a wedding, a funeral, or Christmas or harvest periods—time to drink beer and dance. Perhaps news from outside the village trickles in from travelers, or from someone who’s gone to university. No TV, Internet, telephones, or electricity—few books, and you can only read a little anyway.

Charley Harper, Hinton, Sept. 1956

Despite the work and tedium, it’s not a bad life. You’ll always have the security and company of the family and friends you grew up with. On the flipside, your dating choices are limited to a small pool.  There’s many ways to die young, often in childbirth, and not much you can do about it.
Ignore the people who know a cartoon of the medieval era, who compress ten centuries into a Monty Python cliche of stagnant darkness and the big bad church. People lived and loved and took what simple pleasures they could, knowing that life was insecure. They’re your ancestors, who gave birth to you. If medieval life was unending war, repression, and death, there would be no us.
Charley Harper  Golden book of biology Evolution.