Our life runs down in sending up the clock.

The brook runs down in sending up our life.
The sun runs down in sending up the brook.
And there is something sending up the sun.

It is this backward motion toward the source,
Against the stream, that most we see ourselves in,
The tribute of the current to the source.
It must be the brook
Can trust itself to go by contraries
The way I can with you — and you with me —
Because we’re — we’re — I don’t know
What we are.

It is from this in nature we are from.
It is most us.
Robert Frost
"West-running Brook"

Some thoughts on this poem: (source.)"West Running Brook" is a poem in dialogue form between a spouse, which also hints and develops a thematic tension about a subject that is philosophically significant. Many allegorical interpretations have been made about the basic idea about the only one brook running west when all the others flow towards the east. 
...More generally, it is about whether to follow traditional paths in life, in thought, or in anything. By running down to the west, the brook distinguishes itself from all other brooks, which run east to the ocean. The wife sees that contrariness as a symbol of the relationship with her husband. But the husband is much more thoughtful; he sees that wave not simply as a symbol of their relationship, but as a symbol of existence. Man’s existence flows away like water, and yet is continually thrown back towards its sources. Man moves toward death, and yet in a contrary way resists death.
It is this contrariness which makes man stronger than death, and which enables him to endure. It was from this pure contrariness that man evolved. Finally, the man and his wife agree that they have had a joint insight into reality. By being contrary and asserting his independence, man like the brook becomes individual. The poem gains complexity by moving on two levels, the personal and the strictly philosophical. Contrariness is necessary in personal relationships. It is only when people are free to disagree that they can be truly close to one another.