“Made in China” Art


Unfortunately, current media is focusing on certain points of whole big territory and country, putting blame on “Made in China” product all the time considering the high pressure by the industry who are afraid of competition.  What about the tremendous outcome of peculiar attention to work, seriousness and works of creative talent from that part of the world. Made in China certainly does not mean imitation or low quality. It is time to get rid of the cliché mind and open our eyes to see what is going on in Far East! In the Contemporary Art World…" 
“Li Xiaofeng trained as a muralist but turned to sculpture to explore a new concept and expression of Chinese landscapes. His choice of material is unexpected; instead of marble, wood or even glass, he prefers buying shards of broken porcelain recovered from ancient archeological digs, some dating from the Ming Dynasty, and then shaping and polishing them, drilling holes into each corner and linking them together with silver wire to create ’rearranged landscapes’. It is fitting that these poetic pieces, which have been perhaps best described as ‘post-orientalism’, usually take the form of clothing..."